Myths And LegendsEdit

There are many myths and legends in San Andreas and many of which can't be answered. Some are fake and some are real and some even haven't been explained!

Ghost CarsEdit

This is one of the only proven myths in GTA San Andreas. Many people have claimed to see ghost cars in the woods. The Reason they move is because they spawn on a hill causing them to roll down. It has not only been cars that have been sighted, sometimes bikes, motorbikes, buses and even taxis.Edit


Most likely to be the biggest myth ever in any GTA game. They have not been 100% verified to be real, but most gamers believe in them but their are some who have their doubts. There is a map in the L'il probe inn of where all they UFO sightings have been.Edit

Leather Face Edit

Probably themost fakest myth of GTA San Andreas is the Leather Face myth. He is based on leather face from the texas chainsaw. He is believed to be located at the panopticon.Edit